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Paint Stored In Coshh Cupboard

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loulou111 | 16:41 Fri 24th Nov 2023 | Law
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I've recently started a cleaning job. In the coshh cupboard where cleaning materials (Including bleach) are being stored with tins of opened paint. Is this OK? I can't find anything to clarify this.



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Ask your employer.

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I have just got a shrug of the shoulder type response hence why I'm asking here.

Well, then, it's not something that you need to worry about.

That doesn't sound right. I'm no expert but remembering from when hubby was a caretaker, unopened paint should be stored away as can become hazardous waste.

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Bookbinder obviously I am worried on a health and safety level or I wouldn't be asking. Thanks Sharon for your reply 😊 

There are many different types of paint.  Some are potentially hazardous but others aren't.  If you'e concerned, read the labels on the tins. 

Quote (from the HSE website): "You do not have to worry about paints / coatings where no symbol or warning phrase is used".

From a purely practical viewpoint though, I'd regard the COSHH cupboard as an excellent place to store paint, as it's probably less likely to get knocked over there than in some other locations.  (I can't think of any reason why the presence of cleaning chemicals in the same cupboard should be of any real concern).

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Paint Stored In Coshh Cupboard

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