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Is It Illegal To Impersonate Highway Maintenance?

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StyleMonkey | 17:25 Mon 25th Apr 2022 | Law
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Is it illegal to impersonate highway maintenance?

I find these are the worst drivers. It makes me think some people who have Highway Maintenance stickers on their vehicles are not actually Highway Maintenance.


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Why would anyone want to impersonate highway maintenance workers?
Not as far as I know - anyone can buy the decals and stick them on their vehicles. Highway maintenance is made up of various government bodies, local authorities, contractors, sub-contractors and workers.
They might have a fetish for filling in potholes in the roads.
Hopkirk, I often see a highways maintenance vehicle whizzing down the hard shoulder when everyone else is stationary in a motorway traffic jam. Maybe some bright sparks think it would be a good idea to put a sticker on the back of their vehicle so they can do the same.
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Scaffolders, Highway Maintenance and White Van Men, the roads would be a better place without them.
My life wouldn't be better without them, though.
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Maybe it would! Maybe if every van was pink the roads would be a safer place. ;)
I've never seen a Highways Maintenance vehicle misusing a hard shoulder, and I don't think they are authorised to anyway.
Barry, perhaps you are thinking of the traffic wombles in their black and yellow SUVs. They motor on down to assist with whatever incident is causing the hold up.
Hopkirk, I mean transit vans, pick ups, any old thing with a decal
I drive for a living, and don't see what you see.

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Is It Illegal To Impersonate Highway Maintenance?

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