Malicious Damage To Fire Doors And Fire Safety Equipment

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rowanwitch | 11:53 Mon 29th Nov 2021 | Law
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Before I start writing letters I would like to know if there is any additional weight on cases of vandalism specifically targeting fire doors/ dry risers, alarm equipment. I live in a high rise block and the police are not taking this seriously enough. So far we have lost both fire doors in reception, fire retardant tiles have been dislodged and a dry riser cabinet opened to access the switches that disable lifts and trigger a fire alert.


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Take photos of the damage. Are there any security cameras? Can you set up a fake one. Have you thought about contacting the fire department and management company/landlord. With hold rent until repairs done and security cameras installed. Go to the press with photos
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Local authority sheltered housing. Called 999 as the culprits were threatening tenants, police issued a crime number but did not attend. Keeping press as a last resort. Really need a specific guide on any laws I can quote in correspondance.
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Birmingham council have removed all security cameras from their properties we understood it's a civil liberties issue but may be down to costs involved in monitoring. We are banned from setting up our own not even allowed "ring" doorbell systems
As the fire department will be the emergency response to any fire contact them for advice
Rowan, So sorry, what has happened is disgraceful. What about Citizens Advice?
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We had the fire prevention team they spoke to the police, they still didn't come out. I really hoped one of the legal bods on here would answer
Maybe a group of concerned citizens could get together, positively identify the offenders and thrash them within an inch of their miserable lives.

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Don't tempt us,
I'll try again. Rowan, what about Citizens Advice, they have lawyers to help you?
this is not really a police matter
but a safety issue for the residents and whomever is in charge of the communal areas.

Police are hardly exervised by terrorism god knows why you think they will knot their knickers over a little switchie that should be down and is now up

Doorbell camera
if the council are not interested then they wont chase you

I cannot think that the reason ( civil rights issue) will get up and run.
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Contact the fire service and they should come out and look at the problem if it's a fire safety one. They will then contact whoever is in charge of the building and tell them to have it sorted as soon as possible. The vandalism is a police problem but fire safety is your landlords and the fire service can make them get it put right.
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The fire brigade have been, and reported the matter to the council, it's still a 7 day repair apparently.
Yes the fire service usually give them a time period to get things done, but often it will get done earlier as if something were to happen they could be right in it. Things to do with fire safety are usually done quickly especially when lives are involved.
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Sorry PP those codes are about mobile enforcement cameras for traffic etc. However I have found some stuff on cctv from the information commissioners.
yeah sozza
I settled down to read it and found exactly the same
Pointing cameras at a tenant's private space can be a breach of a tenant's quiet enjoyment or tenant harassment. Landlords have a duty to provide tenants with a safe environment. Thus, landlords can justify placing cameras in common areas.

o we can't CCTV strikes me as brummie civil servant ya-ya

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Malicious Damage To Fire Doors And Fire Safety Equipment

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