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bednobs | 12:24 Thu 23rd Sep 2021 | Law
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Hi i have an initial telephone meeting with a DA barrister tomorrow. He hasn't mentioned any costs yet but 1)will i be expected to pay for the time on the call and 2) approx how much PH do they cost?
Thanks for anyone that can help


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Ask him up front. Normally the initial consultation (up to an hour but sometimes half an hour) is free. They should issue a 'Client Care' letter which sets out the fixed fee agreed at the start of a professional retainer.
There are lots of companies that offer this service, bednobs, and really you should be aware of costs before you engage them. Phone them up now and ask them. There is a list of fees here that may apply to the company you are using
I would call his clerk and ask him if you are expected to pay for this call. It might just be a fact finding call for him to ascertain whether he can represent you. If you are expected to pay, he should let you have a client care letter setting out what he is doing and how much it is going to cost.

As to hourly rates, how long is a piece of string!
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what is the shortest piece of string and the longest?
i don't have any access to any telephone numbers to call unfortunately. I guess i could email him.
It depends on his year of call. I would say anything from £150 + VAT to £750 + VAT per hour.

I am surprised there is no number to call - most barristers work from Chambers and they usually publish their numbers on their websites.
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he emailedme from his iphone. Im not exactly sure what chambers he works from - the DA search i did only allowed me to contact him thru the site and he came up on a search based (i think) on his residence proximity rather than chamber proximity.
I'll ask him when he calls
Hi Senior Barristers Clerk here . Everything should be set out in a client care letter right from the start. A direct access barrister is paid upfront before any work is untaken. The fee would depend on type / length of case and also year of calling.
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thanks all.
// A direct access barrister is paid upfront before any work is untaken.//
thank you jasmine
yes I can confirm this
five days in court - up front. there was a sharp in take of breath
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he didnt charge me for the call :)

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