Can My Landlord Enter My House Without My Knowledge?

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roadman | 10:45 Fri 17th Sep 2021 | Law
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can my landlord send or let people into my house without my knowledge

a situation recently the gas man arrived out of the blue no warning or anything the agents didnt send him it was the landlord directly

lucky i was in because he said no problem if not i could get access to a key i said to him no that would be a big problem i would not be happy

where do i stand on this


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Was it a routine call, not an emergency? If it was routine you are supposed to have notice.
The landlord has no choice but to arrange a gas inspection every year but he must give at least 24 hours notice.

Of course if there is a suspected gas emergency the landlord or the gas engineer has the right to immediate access.
This, on the website of a solicitors' firm, seems to cover the matter quite well:
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it was for a routine call no emergency what so ever
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so what are my rights if the landlord sent this man to my house with no notice what do i do to let him know this isnt ok? i did call the agents not happy
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I would never refuse entry but i like 24 hour notice to get my stuff in order and to make sure someone is there i dont like people in my home when im not there i dont trust people i have lots of valuables and also no insurance so i need to be there because i am responsible for my stuff but i would never refuse entry sorry buenchico your link seems to be about that
Even if a landlord doesn't have a legal right to enter your property, it's unclear to me as to what, if anything (or than seeking a court order to prevent him from doing so again) you could actually do about if he chose to do so.

Absolutely anyone who can gain access to your property without breaking in (e.g. because you'd left a door unlocked or because they'd found your door key in the street) can lawfully enter your home. ( )

So it's hard to see how, in practice, you can prevent your landlord from entering your home, irrespective of what the rules might say.
As soon as you sign a tenancy agreement and move into a property you are entitled to the ‘quiet enjoyment of the property’. In other words, your landlord cannot turn up at any time they feel like it and invade your privacy. It is a basic tenant right to be given at least 24 hours written notice prior to a visit from the landlord or their representative, except in the case of an emergency. the only other people allowed a key to your property are the Agents.

If the Agent or third party does enter without your permission, you may change the locks as the landlord by his agent or third party is in breach of contract .
I would suggest you contact your local authorities housing officer .
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thank you aunt i think i will look into that if it happens again i pay my rent on time monthly if not the day before it is due and always have done always fixed things i broke and i even done the property up to make it nicer to live in i deserve the quiet amusement
APG: I agree with everything you've written but I'm still not sure what a tenant can actually do about it if a landlord does enter their home while, say, they're out at work.
there's not a lot you can do except change the locks and contact him to say he was not entitled to have someone enter the property without notice, you do not want or expect this to happen again and will be changing the locks. Keep a record of your correspondence so that if there is ever an issue in future you have evidence that he breached the contract.
Yes, You have a legal right to change the locks and inform your Landlord & Agent.
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is it trespassing?
Trespass isn't a criminal offence (other than in certain specific circumstances, which aren't relevant here). Your only remedy under civil law is to require the trespasser to leave (which isn't something you could do if you weren't there when the trespass took place and didn't find out about it until later).

See my link at 1215 if you don't believe me!
if it had been your landlord entering technically it may have been trespassing, but the contractor was probably not aware that you hadn't been given notice, so he wasn't trespassing.

I understand it is not nice that someone has been in your home, but it might not be best to try to take any legal action against your landlord if you want to continue to live there. Follow the advice given above, change the locks so it won't happen again and log the incident with your agent and / or landlord.
It sounds eminently sensible to change the locks, you don't know if previous tenants had kept a key. If you change them do you have to give the landlord a key?
The landlord is not entitled to keys unless specifically stated in the lease
If a tenant changes a lock on the property without permission, he's almost certainly in breach of his tenancy contract:
^^^ unless the Tenant can prove the Landlord breached the Tenancy in respect of ‘quiet enjoyment of the property'. Giving keys to a third party is just that. The Tenant could claim they no longer felt safe in their own home. I certainly wouldn't if I was renting, and the Landlord gave keys to any tom dick or harry.
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If i change my lock in my contact i need to give my agent and lord of land a key

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Can My Landlord Enter My House Without My Knowledge?

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