Can I Refuse A Stop And Search?

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roadman | 10:04 Fri 17th Sep 2021 | Law
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on what grounds can i avoid the stop and search


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so basically all police have to do is say they suspect you may have drugs or a weapon and they can search me then if their search shows i dont have these things what are my rights because imagine i just carry on walking and ignore them like I have right to and they grab my arm

*G* GROUNDS - A clear explanation of the officer’s grounds for suspicion, eg, info/intel or specific behaviour of person.
*O* OBJECTIVE - A clear explanation of the object and purpose of the search in terms of the article being searched for.
*W* - Warrant card, if not in uniform or if requested
*I* - Identity of the officer(s): name and number or, in cases involving terrorism or where there is a specific risk to the officer, just warrant or collar number (name and callsign).
*S* - Station to which the officer is attached (New Scotland Yard).
*E* - Entitlement to a copy of the search record within 3 months
*L* LAW - Legal power used (Section 1 of PACE).
*Y* - You are detained for the purposes of a search.
I guess if you just try to walk away then it gives them "reasonable suspicion" that you have something to hide so they can then stop you forcibly.
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the subject seemed to not have time for us so we forced him to make time
One will find the time it takes interacting with peace officers will be commensurate with cooperation.

Give them lip and you'll wait all the longer, because they can.

A smile and a 'yes of course' will see you on your way with no story to dine out on.

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Can I Refuse A Stop And Search?

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