Gdpr, Ico And Release Of Personal Information

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Deskdiary | 11:05 Thu 15th Apr 2021 | Law
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Would the release of the name, address and DOB of an individual to a third party constitute a breach of GDPR warranting a report to the ICO?

Long story short, I received an email from a utility which had my name, DOB and full address, and (fair enough, by mistake) the utility had cc'd another customer of their's (I know this because I emailed him to find out who he was).

What sort of damage could be done if the person in receipt of this information was unscrupulous?



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You can report it here:
But if it was a one-off accident, I doubt if much would come of it, except maybe an instruction to review their practices to ensure such a mistake wasn't made again. Your name and address are readily available elsewhere, so the only thing revealed was your DOB and the fact that you are a customer of a certain utility company.
er - - it isnt your name - it is someone else's?
none then

He can. if he wants.
you have no right in respect to his info ( principle of civil law)

you can - - - complain to the issuer - thro the usual channel - complaints to Jno Smith co ltd and ask them to be more careful

ah yes but how can I be sure than they havent sent MY address to mrs moo-moo and SHE then drew great big creasts in crayon and then....
you dont and you cant do anything about it

PP, the person copied into the e-mail has DD's details, that is the breach.
first of all
complaint to the data controller of the issuer
and say you want them to make sure that it dont happen again

if they have any sense they will say - - yes yes of course - sozza double sozza etc, 300 clerks are keeping awake etc

if a school leaver just says adenoidally - so what, wha you wan me to do abaht it
THEN complain to the ICO.

Even THEN they can get away with - oops sozza wont do it again.

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Gdpr, Ico And Release Of Personal Information

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