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Blerdy Scottish Power - Should I Let It Go?

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barry1010 | 13:30 Wed 23rd Dec 2020 | Law
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I had to go to the Ombudsman to get Scottish Power to rectify the problems and appalling service. The Ombudsman found in my favour, SP appealed, Ombsudsan rejected the appeal.
Today SP have implemented the remedies - in a fashion. I am still dissatisfied but have have been arguing with SP since early April and it has caused a lot of stress. To put it briefly.

1. Took out Economy 7 one year contract 1st October 2019.
2. Noticed the night rate meter was faulty early April and reported it to SP. They promised to change it ASAP and rectify the bill
3. They changed my contract from Economy 7 to single rate in July without my knowledge or permission. No contract was sent to me. New contract for 18 months. All my bills were cancelled.
4. Many many phone calls from me - every time promised contract would be put right 'immediately' and meter changed 'soon'.
5. October 2020 contacted Ombudsman. Ombudsman said SP must replace faulty meter and they must adjust the entire bill from the start of the contract to reflect the night rate % based on me giving weekly meter readings with the new meter (we had no way of knowing when the meter became faulty) and give me £75 compensation.

As soon as the new meter was fitted a month ago I contacted SP and asked if I could now change supplier. They assured me I could so I did so straight away. The new supplier takes over tomorrow.

Today I have had my final bill and a long discussion with SP. They have adjusted my bill in accordance with the original contract until the end of September. Then they billed me for a more expensive contract from October until today because, they say, my original contract ended at the end of September and as I didn't choose a different tariff I was automatically put on to their variable rate.
The fact that I had been phoning at least twice a week to complain about the contract that I been switched to without my knowledge doesn't seem to bother them.

I feel as if have been held hostage by SP. I couldn't change supplier until they changed my meter as I would then have had this problem with two suppliers. SP kept promising to put me back on to the original contract but they didn't.

I am being charged far too much for the period 1st October to 23rd December. Should I just wipe my hands of it and pay the final bill or try to get it resolved? I really am at the end of my tether with them but hate being ripped off. They have never explained why they changed my tariff in July.

Apologies for very long post.



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This is from

"Is your tariff coming to an end?Here's what happens next

We'll be in touch by email or letter around 6 weeks before your tariff ends. We'll let you know what happens next, and help you choose our best available deal for you. If you are an online customer, we'll also post a message on your online account inbox, to let you know about the next steps. Please see the table below for further information."

Did they do all that?

Approximately how much out of pocket are you?
I would feel torn in your situation. If it is not a large amount I may well let it go as my peace of mind would be more important.
I would still be very “fed up” with SP though having fought this long.
Sometimes we have to learn by these difficult situations.
Question Author
Corby, no they didn’t write to me about my contract ending. That’s intersting.

Jake, at least £150.
That’s a lot of money to let go, what a dilemma.
Corby’s link gives more ammunition.
I think I may have to fight on, sorry not much help, best wishes.
Question Author
Thanks, Jake, being ripped off sticks in my craw.
They are all as bad as eachother.

I was with Eon, or companies they took over, for about 30 years.

My last house move was an absolute disaster with them and I took ages getting them to sort it. In exasperation I changed supplier as soon as I could and they severely messed that up too.

It seemed that whoever I spoke to promised it was sorted, but this was just a ploy to get me off the phone.
Try getting in touch with The Guardian newspaper Money section. they seem to be able to get these companies to do the right thing.
I'd not be happy paying extra. They might argue they were busy concentrating on the case and didn't contact you for that reason.

If they do, you could use the same argument for not proposing another tariff.

Either way, they did not follow their own process and given the decision of the Ombudsman, do they really want another referral and bad publicity?
My sympathy. I have been involved in dispute with SP since August 2019. Absolute billing shambles. Emailed head man. Got some compensation but dissatisfied that their figures were correct. In debit. Now with Ombudsman awaiting outcome
Phoned emailed numerous times. A different story each time

Can't you go back to the ombudsman and say they didn't do as they said they would and either get them to comply or get compensation so you are not out of pocket?
Question Author
I have decided to pay the bill in full up until the date of the end of my original contract and ask them to revise the rest of the bill based on the fact that:
I couldn't leave to a new supplier because of the faulty meter;
Graham (a call handler) assured me in August that if the matter was not resolved by the end of my contract it would continue as is;
I wasn't given the six weeks' notice of end of contract and was never given the option to change to a different tariff during my many phone calls;
the tariff they are now charging me is neither the original one nor the one they changed me to in July so there was no cooling off period (I literally was told the day of the final bill);
I have only ever paid one standing charge for electricity and the new contract is charging me twice - once for the day rate and once for the night rate (there is still only one meter).

Does this seem fair and reasonable?

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Blerdy Scottish Power - Should I Let It Go?

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