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Furlough Scheme And Holiday Pay, Can You Receive Both?

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winkyridg | 18:37 Wed 15th Jul 2020 | Law
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Hi, not sure if i'm asking this in the right forum, my partners daughter works for a restaurant and has been Furloughed since the lockdown started, she received last months pay but it was all Holiday Pay and no Furlough, she did receive an email to suggest she'd get holiday pay but the way it was worded suggested that she would get both, is this right as she and her colleagues are all slightly baffled by it? Many Thanks


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She remains furloughed but that simply means that, when she receives holiday pay, her employer can reclaim 80% of the amount from the government. (She doesn't get that money, the employer does):

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Furlough Scheme And Holiday Pay, Can You Receive Both?

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