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Theland | 15:22 Thu 09th Aug 2018 | Law
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An unemployed friend has asked me for advice.
He is owed £7000 by his sister.
He has no money whatsoever but is desperate.
He has had a bailiff call because he is behind with his rent.
He has no money to fund the forms foe a county court claim.
Is there anything I can advise him?


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Lend him the £40 to file but it's only worth doing if she has the money for someone to obtain from her, if she's skint forget it entirely and I think there's a £5k limit on claims in the CC as well. x
erm does she have the moolah
and what did she say when he asked for the money or some of the money

yeah I agree - give him the money to file
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the answers are here
if you knock around Law
Bueno (Chris) has done a long one ( more than once) on MCOL which is where he starts ....

and he now has to do it electronically - but so what
and it gets filed to the nearest court nearest to one party - defendant I think
The fees to claim between £5001 - £10,000 appear to be in excess of £400:-

If your friend has low income or is in receipt of certain benefits s/he may get help from the courts

The eligibility criteria and application form can be found here:-
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I wouldnt get too close to this case
it sounds an absolute dog
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He could tell her he's planning to go to the claims court but would be happy to negotiate something - maybe £2000 down payment then £100-200 a month for 2-3 years, or perhaps take £5000 in full and final settlement and put the loss down to experience
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Is his sister in employment or own her own house? Doe she have any savings or own any other assets? If the answer to these questions is no then taking out a claim will not get him his money back unfortunately.

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