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hammerman | 10:32 Sat 07th Oct 2017 | Law
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I've separated from my wife and moved out of the marital home, although i'm the owner of the house and it's still my legal address.

Is my wife allowed to dispose of my mail or write "not known at this address" on the envelope and put it back in the post box?

Thanks, HM


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Just as a further matter on this, is my wife allowed to stop me entering the property to collect anything i might of forgotten. I'm still legally living at that address and have a key but i'm staying at a mates just to keep out of the way.

She can do what she likes I suppose, but your best bet is to have a formal re-direction of mail, with Royal Mail.

They will still deliver mail addressed to the house, and/or mailed addressed to Mr/Mrs, or just Mrs. But anything with your name only on it, should be diverted as per your instructions. Make sure that you make your instructions clear....visit to local Sorting Office and speak to the Manager.

My other advice to immediately get in touch with everybody that might send you a letter, Bank, Building Society, Insurance company, etc, etc. Register a change of address with them directly as well as Royal Mail....belt and braces and all that.
Just seen your supplementary question re access to the house. No, I don't think she can. If you experience any difficulty, get in touch with the Police, although you may find them less sympathetic to a husband, than they would if it were the other way around.

I visit to your Solicitor would seem to make sense as well.

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