Arrrh Why Does It Not Work

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cassa333 | 08:40 Tue 27th Jun 2017 | Law
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I am about to blow a gasket.

I am trying to log into the Gov website to get a section 8 possession court started and it won't accept my password or my security password.

Why does it do this every bloody time I want to log in????


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I've managed somehow to get to the small claim I did but can't get out of there for the possession claim.

God how I hate technology
Cassa, am so sorry I can't help,, can only empathise with your pain about technology.
there's a certain government website with sticks/refuses to load/won't accept info which I have been swearing at for ages.
Do hope all sorts itself out for you tho
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I have been trying to phone the help line but you start off with ten minutes of phone this number if.
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Finally got into the site and have started the possession claim. Just need to check some details now.

Life can be so annoying and complicated sometimes.
Part of me wants to go back to the 'paper' days when you could see what you were writing and as for phoning folk, when a human being answered, instead of press 1 for this and so and and so forth
Still, progress is progress, just wish the IT bods would actually completely test things out beforehand :-D

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Arrrh Why Does It Not Work

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