Rightful Claims In Australia

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Jackietwirl | 20:50 Tue 15th Nov 2016 | Law
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After receiving a letter from Rightful claims from Australia saying to contact them re inhertence very wary. Has anybody ever heard of this company. Never had anybody live in Australia.


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The New Zealand Law Society seems to think that it's a legitimate business:

(a) you can't think of any way of finding out what money might be owed to you (so that you can claim it yourself) ;
(b) you're not being asked to pay anything up front ;
(c) what you're being asked to sign doesn't commit you to anything other than giving up a percentage of your payout ; and
(d) you're not being asked to provide your bank details ;
then I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't get involved with the company.
They sound like the legitimate companies in the U.K., featured on the BBC programme, "Heir Hunters."
Jackie...reply to them but don't give any personal info out. Let us know the out come please....we like happy endings !
if they ask for any money it's a scam, run a mile.
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I have looked at the letter, not asking for any bank details. But mentioned they will take 30% of the amount for their fees.
that sounds more like a proper firm. The Scammers always want some sort of up front fee.
The company appear legit......checkout their site:
Have you, or had any family in OZ, or any close friends etc?
As long as you don't have to payout or give details it can't do any harm.A few months ago a friend of mine recieved a similar letter from a British based firm,I don't remember the name. After calling round his family he found that they had all recieved a similar letter so they decided to give it a go and see what happened.Eventually they each recieved a check for just over a £1000 not a bad gift from somebody they'd never heard off.

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Rightful Claims In Australia

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