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Guttering Cleaning

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cassa333 | 12:34 Sat 20th Aug 2016 | Law
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This is for a friend who has a property he lets out and wondered if anyone could clarify something for him.

The tenants he has in the house have been there fore about three years and when they moved in the gutters were clean and clear.

On his last inspection there was grass and some sort of plant growing from the gutter. He is not sure who's responsibility it is to clear it.

Although outside maintenance of the structure is the landlords responsibility does the tenant have an obligation to keep it clear of such blockages?

He doesn't want to go in all guns blazing telling them they have to get it done if he is responsible but by the same token doesn't want to go to the expense if they are.



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Unless it is stipulated in the agreement I would doubt it.
But I'm no lawyer. Just an opinion.
Building maintenance, I would say his, basic painting and decorating the tenants.

What if the tenant was unable to climb a ladder due to being infirm or elderly , didn't have a ladder, is he expecting the tenant to climb a ladder and repair roof tiles etc.


Unless the terms of the contract state differently, guttering is the landlord's responsibility.
Agree with Dave.

When I rented I was responsible for the inside and keeping the garden tidy. All other maintenance was down to the landlord.

A percentage of the rent should be put aside for such things.
It's not an expensive job - I pay my window cleaner to do it as and when necessary.
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I thought it would be the case that he has to do it. But sometimes these things are different to what you think they are.

Good idea about the window cleaner. Although to be fare my one uses a water jet on a long stick so don't know if that would work lol
guttering is the landlord's unless stipulated in the lease

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Guttering Cleaning

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