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starone | 16:49 Tue 18th Aug 2015 | Law
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I would like to send a rhubarb crown to my son who lives in France. Someone has told me that I cannot do this, it is against the law to send plants. Can anyone tell me if this is true? I haven't bought the rhubarb crown yet, so no loss if it is.


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Can't answer your question, but just to say that i have been concerned about you as you seemed to have stopped posting.
Nice to see you.
Can you not order one from a French supplier to send it to your son. ?
Is it special? Rhubarb plants and seeds are available in France.
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Still alive sqad but everyone I "knew" on Answerbank seems to have moved on and lots of young people have taken their place, which I suppose is the normal progress of life. Still useful to answer questions though.

To Sir Oracle and Jomifl thanks for the answer - I have no idea how to do that as I am English, with no vestige of French (except for a bit of schoolgirl stuff vaguely remembered). I suppose I could tell him to buy one himself and I could supply the money, but it doesn't seem quite the same - buying your own gift!
>>>Someone has told me that I cannot do this

Please point out to "someone" that both the UK and France are in the European Union!

EU law obliges all member states to permit the free movement of ALL goods across national borders. The only exceptions that can apply are temporary ones imposed when there's a risk to the health or security of an importing country (such as the ban on the movement of British beef during the BSE crisis).
Starone...Thank you for your flattering reply but sadly I am not one of the "younger" posters , quite the contrary in fact.

If you go onto the net you will find a plethora of firms in France,and you can select one whose site offers an English translation.

Good luck.
Except Buenchico that some items are banned including many plants and animal products.
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Thank you so much everyone, you are all so helpful. Special thanks to Buenchico - love the straight talking - I shall have some fun with that. And jomifl - I can understand that even with my limited amount of French.
EU nations are NOT permitted to ban any animal or plant imports from other EU nations other than on 'temporary emergency' grounds (such as my BSE example above).

They can ONLY ban such imports from non-EU nations.
Welcome back, starone.
Which particular older posters were you looking for?
It seems that the only plants that can't be sent to France are endangered species. Although rhubarb may be in danger of being eaten I don't think this will prevent it being sent from the UK to France, so give it a go.

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