Park Homes Sites & Change Of Site Owner

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MantaRay | 19:31 Wed 06th Mar 2013 | Law
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In a nutshell, the park home site I have lived at for over ten years has recently changed ownership. The new site owner has re-written the site rule book introducing more fees and restrictions/conditions. I can understand how new residents purchasing a home on site would be liable to accept the new rules, but where does the law stand regarding existing tennants who would have signed up to "the old rules"?


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"Q. Our park has just been sold and the new owner states that we have to sign new Agreements (contracts). Is this true?

A. No, . . . the original Agreement entered into when the home was first stationed on the park, remains binding on any new park owner or new homeowner for the whole of the life of the home."

No it is not true challenge the site owner and look at the Mobile homes act 1983, even new owners buying your home have the original regulations applied.
A new park owner cannot issue new rules without the agreement of the residents. There is a prescribed route they must follow.

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Park Homes Sites & Change Of Site Owner

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