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Kazal | 17:37 Wed 06th Mar 2013 | Law
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I gave a cheque for nearly £1000 to a funeral firm in advance of the funeral for payment for the cremation. The deceased's bank would pay the final bill later and re-emburse me for that amount.I obtained a receipt and this happened in January. The final bill was paid in early February and I received my payment and a receipt 'in full and final payment' was sent to me by the funeral company. The cheque I gave them has not been presented yet - 2 months after I gave it to them. My problem is - do I contact them (which I don't feel I should have to) or just leave it and assume they will realise at some stage. Could I be in trouble for not reminding them as its not as though it is only a couple of quid.


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It may be that the deceased's bank has paid the final bill in full and your cheque is no longer required

I'm not sure what is 'only a couple of quid' though.
It's not your job to remind them, but you can query it if you want the loose ends tied up and finalised.
Not your job at all to say someone has not cashed the cheque

BUT you have to have the funds in the account in case they do
so as you are finding the whole thing is a pain.

you have done everything you are required to do
and anyway - four weeks is early days
A cheque can be presented up to 6 months after the date of issue. I don't believe it is your job to enquire, but as said previously you must maintain the amount in the account.
A cheque can legally be presented up to six YEARS from date of issue, though in practice most banks operate a system of not accepting cheques that are more than six months old.

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Cheque Not Paid In

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