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hannah40 | 14:53 Tue 08th Jan 2013 | Law
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when i married in my 50.s last year i was told you dont have to change your name so i have decided to keep my old name .my driving licence has come up for renewal and when i mentioned i had married but keeping my old name DVLA said you cant you could face a fine you have to legally change your name ,i will but my driving licence will be the only document with my married name on it so can someone explain why do i legally have to change my name on my driving licence just because i married but chosen to keep my maiden name?


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Ah your so naive, surely you knew DVLA is Latin...............for god.
You do not have to change your name.

Ring again and speak to a different person or just renew it in your original name.
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well i will but she was adamant she said you have changed your name legally i said where does getting married say that i have changed my name legally i always thought you could go under what name you choose not dvla
if you haven't legally changed your name to your married name then you don;t change the name on your driving license, whoever you spoke to is wrong, do as maidup said and ring again!
If you were in a bad accident ( I hope this never happens) & the car was a burn out with the person inside & persons belonging's were thrown out of the car, would this have anything to do with I.D.?
^^^ What has that to do with the question TWR?
When I divorced the first Mr C I reverted to my maiden name (no deed poll involved). The DVLC never queried my new name.
The DVLA do talk some rot. There is no legal requirement in the UK to change your name on marriage so just call them back and speak to another person to renew your licence
You can be known as anything you like, maiden name, married name or something made up.
i would just ignore it, and renew as usual. the person who told you this nonsense is unlikley to be the person the processes you new licence.

they are either old fashioned, foreign or just plain mistaken.
Her name Maidup, she is known as one but her licence says another, her proper I.D. in other words I would have thought.

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Change Name In Driving Licence

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