i was arrested for common assault with beating whats the sentence??

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niceguy1989 | 02:07 Wed 09th Nov 2011 | Law
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hi guys i was arrested for common assault with beating and know im due in for trial in 1week. basically the police arrested me for grabbing onto my ex girl friends arm when i didnt. but they are 3 witnesses testifying against me.i have no previous convictions and i went not guilty


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The maximum sentence for Common Assault is six months custody.

The likely sentence in your case, with no previous convictions and bearing in mind the relatively minor nature (according to your version of events) of the assault is either a fine or a Conditional Discharge. Bear in mind that if you are found guilty following a trial (as opposed to pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity) you are liable to a stiffer penalty and considerably increased prosecution costs (£500-£600 instead of about £80).
Grabbing an arm and then being arrested sounds nonsense. This country is losing it.

How about serious crime being clamped down (rape/murder etc) on instead if this 'oh he called me a black b...... and oh he grabbed my arm' non crime rubbish.
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the thing is i go university and i work part time i am afraid of going prison for these allegations. what should i do if i was charged with a prison sentence
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the thing is the police are making it sound worst then what it really is? do you honestly think i will be imprisoned for the allegations set forth against me
Very unlikely. People get off with a fine for doing much worse.

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i was arrested for common assault with beating whats the sentence??

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