Home invasion, assault with a weapon and self defense

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ratmanson | 05:42 Wed 09th Nov 2011 | Law
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I have beed arrested after cause body harm in one of my neighbours when he and two other of their friends with whom they had been drinking, trespassed on our property, shouting abuse and smashing our furniture before i even went downstairs , i yelled at them to leave my property and one of them took a pepper spray and put in to my face and threatened to spray me while two of the others were surrounding me.

I punched him to the ground and kicked the rest out of my garden , now the guy i punched want to push to g.b.h on me. I am on bail ,is my first offense ever and im already looking for legal advise, after been few times abused by this neighbour and suffer dead threats from him i dont really know where to stand , i did punched him hard instinctively as i was really scared of his threat and also my first thought was that all of them will kick off so i had to make sure i knock him out first as he still had the weapon.

I know he didn't get the chance to spray me and also the spray never been found because they took it with them i have a witness tho who heard him saying that he was going to spray me and then she heard the fight starting , i really hope selfdefense can be alleged after a bunch of people got in to my garden destroy my furniture and assaulted me with a weapon , shall i press charges against all of them as well?

im so worried now.


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When it hits the press, the majority of the country will be on your side.
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Stop being judgemental folks. Have you read the disclaimer above?

"Disclaimer: All Answers found here should not be taken in the stead of legal advice from a solicitor. Please also refrain from being rude, abusive or judgemental - users come here for advice, not judgement."
well if your post is honest and genuine I would say it should be you pressing charges against them... that is of course unless the Police choose to do so on your behalf...
However - I dont see how they can even press charges against you if this story is factually correct as they broke in to your property - they were armed and there was more than one of them... If true.. then they would be charged.. not you
do you have a solicitor?
although you may get soem good advice on here, most are not really qualified to give thorough and certain advice and we also dont have all the facts.
you really need to see a solicitor.
they usually have free half hour
or try the cab they may be able to help too.
Are you telling the whole story here?

You say you punched him to the ground

What then? did you hit or kick him when he was on the ground?

Usually in these cases problems arise when the situation goes from defending yourself from an initial attack to assaulting the attacker when he is no longer a threat to you
There's something not right about the whole thing. Far too many things that just don't make any sense. I think this is another one of those made up stories that appear on here from time to time from people who have nothing better to do or just want some attention.

The pepper spray was a nice touch though. You don't often get that.
perhaps the poster dreamt it !!!!
I should have spotted the troll really!!! Should know better!

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Home invasion, assault with a weapon and self defense

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