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Speeding on a bicycle

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david51058 | 11:10 Tue 03rd May 2011 | Law
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Can you be done for speeding on a bicycle? For example doing 40mph in a 30mph zone.


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3 points on your bicycle licence ?
You can get done for "Furious Cycling"

It's nearly worth doing just to get that charge against your name!
Is that when you ride along shouting ...

Actually it seems the offence is "wanton or furious cycling"

Even better :)
Wanton or furious cycling" ??

So that's when you ride along shouting ...

lol JJ
I wonder how many people actually get stopped for cycling offences?

During the summer, if we go to the pub in somewhere like Rottingdean, we'll go on our bikes so we can all get ratted. We'd find it hard to keep straight faces if we got stopped cycling home and asked ...

"Excuse me ladies, have you been drinking?"
There was a case manyyears ago when a man was arrested for being in charge of a bike whilst under the influence but as he had earlier crashed the bike his defence was that it wasn't a bike but a piece of scrap metal. He won!!
yes you can be prosecuted for speeding on a bicycle. A record is created at DVLA and points the same way that diving without a licence attracts points.
Licence endorsement as a punishment for a traffic offence does not exist outside of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988. Within the provisions of the Act there are no cycling offences which may result in an endorsement or points, therefore it is not possible for a pedal cyclist to receive a licence endorsement for speeding and thus DVLA have no need to create a driving record where none existed to record endorsements/points that can not exist.
damn and I wasnt too far from Brighton this past weekend and could have helped stae your needs, jayne.

yes - any offence on a bicycle can transfer to a ful driving licence such as being pissed as a fart on a bike, sorry read drunk.
No it can't because licensing only covers motor vehicles.
a friend of mine was stopped at 3am in St Andrews cycling back to his hall from having been with his gf. On the pavement (wrong side), no lights.

"Name?"......answer "xxx"

"Where do you live?" Really Stupid answer all things considered, "England"

Somehow he didnt get done and went on to be a solicitor.
One of my old bosses got fined for being drunk on a bike..........he'd ridden it into a hedge and couldn't get out..............
Forget about speeding,as it,s not really likely to happen.
However if every cyclist,who rides on the pavement,were given a £250 fine and 6 points to be added to a driving licence,then it might solve this never-ending p!ss take,as it,s illegal.
I was driving along minding my own business when a drunken cyclist smashed into the side of my car, he broke my wing mirror. He knocked himself out, I called t
he police and they told me that he didnt have to pay any damage costs to my car because he wasnt insured (obviously!) they sent him off in an ambulance to get checked out but they didnt charge him for anything. Lucky for the drunken guy I was driving less than 30mph!
I've often wondered whether the speed of a cyclist gets picked up by those electronic roadsigns that display your speed and show a smiley/sad face

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Speeding on a bicycle

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