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rimirza | 15:25 Tue 18th Jan 2011 | Criminal
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hi can i write a letter to the judge to have mercy on my husband and not to give him harsh to write that letter and where to present it.


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I wouldn't bother. If I were the judge and someone were telling me how to sentence, I would be tempted to increase the sentence if anything.
I don't think writing a mercy letter would make any difference to the sentence.
I think we’ve done this at least twice haven’t we rimirza:



I don’t think the answers you get are goingh to change substantially if you ask the question enough times. Anything you want the judge to know will be best put through your husband’s barrister.
You can write, but if he's in there for murder what good is a letter from you going to be? What did he do?
Having just read new judges link, you could be charged with perjury, or perverting the course of justice, so I'd keep quiet if I were you.
If you can`t do the time....etc,etc.
write the letter if it will make you feel better and give it to your husband's lawyer and he will decide whether to produce it in court or ask you to go and stand up and give a character witness for your husband based on your letter.

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