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driving while using a mobile phone

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erniemorton | 09:36 Wed 19th Nov 2008 | Criminal
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With cycle helmet camcorders becoming more and more affordable these days, I just wondered if a cyclist (or for that matter, any 'photographer') actually caught the driver of a vehicle using their mobile phone whilst driving, whether or not the video could be used as evidence and handed to the police to secure a motoring conviction.

I dont have such a camera myself, but I'm amazed at the number of people I still see using mobiles when I'm on a ride, despite the penalties and all the adverse publicity. Any thoughts anyone?


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Yes as a cyclist you should be concentrating on the road, not going through red lights and other aspects of your law breaking before picking on any other road user.
Me too it really annoys me people on their mobiles, I usually pull over to answer mine or if on busy road I dont bother. I was wondering about hands free my boyfriend sometimes rings on way from work and I can never hear him because he puts it on hands free then puts it upside down in his lap because he says the police might see the light.
The words stones , houses and glass immediately spring
to mind . Whilst having my work cut out trying to avoid pavement cyclists , traffic light and stop street jumpers
there is little time left to notice what other paying road
users are up to.
You're all being very harst - you can't possibly know what sort of cyclist the OP is. There are plenty of law abiding, responsible cyclists out there, thankfully.

You would need a clear picture of the motorist with the phone to his ear, and a clear picture of the number plate. You would also have to prove the time and date and the exact place.
Question Author
Thanks for that Dave, but calm down a bit!
By the way, I think your reply speaks volumes on how you perceive other road users.......!
Driving while using a handheld mobile phone seems to be one of those offences that are out of control. Motorcycles speeding is another classic example.

I cycle 8 miles every day. The number of motorists using handhelds is astonishing. This morning I counted NINE. One morning I saw three consecutive motorists nattering away. I have seen a bus driver on a mobile, I have seen a skip driver negotiating his lorry one-handed around a busy roundabout at rush hour.

I was nearly killed one morning by a woman on a mobile pulling out of a side-turning.

I shout at them "get off that phone!!!!" (no swearing). One guy in slow-moving traffic with great originality told me to "F--- O--", so I got my own mobile out and said "OK fine by me, let's see if you proffer the same invitation to the police". He put his phone away.

If the police want to make a small fortune, put someone on duty at the Mitcham Common roundabout for a day. They will catch hundreds of the dangerous swine.
Well Ethel yet again your being presumptive.

I have no time for cyclists, yes mobile phone drivers should be sancitioned, but as a daily driver in London, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of cyclists who I have seen stop at red lights this YEAR.

They constantly break the law in every way riding thw wrong way down one way streets, mounting the pavement, going against traffic, weaving in and out of traffic and so it go's.

They make no financial contribution to the roads, yet like erniemorton constanly criticise other road users.

An example in Greenwich park there is a cycle path clearly signed all the way up the hill, it is on the right hand side as you go up the road, last year a cyclist was killed on the opposite side of the road, yet the first thing cycle groups said was that motorists should be banned from the park.
I have no idea of the circumstances of the accident.

I have know wish to besmirch the cyclists name and no one should have their life ended in such a way, but if he had abided by the rules chances are he would still be with us.

So no were not being harsh we are realists.

Before Ernie and his ilk shold start criticising others they should look to themselves.
Ernie not other road users just cyclists
Davethedog, cyclists love people like you, full of rage.

I cycle on the pavement regularly - to avoid being mown down by inconsiderate motorists, those who simply HAVE to get past you in the final 10 yards before a roundabout, then cut you up.

When I say I cycle on the pavement, I mean that there are different shades of pavement. There is a hell of a difference between cycling through a crowded shopping centre (which I wouldn't dream of doing) and cycling on a pedestrian-free semi-rural pavement.

One morning I was cycling on the road, on a marked cycle track, a one-way street, across Mitcham Common. A white van passed me at speed (at least 50mph) and missed my offside pedal by about an inch! Guess what? On a mobile. Down that particular road now, I always ride on the pavement shamelessly - it is virtually pedestrian-free anyway.
Question Author
Wasp, I agree, traffic light jumpers especially are a real 'pain' in the extremities and can give cyclists a bad name. However, as a motorist as well - I assume you're also speaking as a motorist - I cant say that I've had to avoid pavement cyclists too many times..oops! but I do accept your point.
Gormless - Cycling on the pavement is illegal there are no shades it is illegal.

People like you are the problem, you seek to justify your actions but some how excusing it, I have an idea why don'y you just give way, no to obvious so you break the law, whilst you seek you demonise someone else.

And much worse than that your proud of it.

If stating the obvious is full of rage so be it. But i'm not full of outrage.

Davethedog, there most certainly are shades. If a given law is silly then people will ignore it, and the police will be flexible in their interpretation of it.

One night I was stopped by a policeman while riding on the pavement. Not a pedestrian in sight in either direction. His major complaint with me was that I had no lights. He said "I am a cyclist myself and there are times and places where the pavement is safer"

Yes, I expect you'd take his number and get him sacked, but cycling on the pavement where it is safe has kept me alive I believe.

Some motorists will deliberately swerve to go through puddles just to soak a cyclist, others pass very close and shout obscenities out of the window. A small proportion, but enough to make cycling in heavy traffic very hazardous.

Yes, it's illegal, but I will continue to do it.

Have fun in your London snarl-ups.
I fly in the air just to avoid being knocked down by cyclists on pavements :-) This could go on forever
Question Author
Many thanks to all for your contributions. The cross section of views and experiences was very interesting and it wasnt surprising to see that from a cyclist viewpoint at least - cycling is getting increasingly dangerous the cyclist will ALWAYS come off worse in any altercation with a motorist and as the cyclist has to be 110% aware if only for self-preservation - this is not reflected in some of our motoring fraternity.
Getting back to the original point; I must thank Ethel for giving me the only straight answer to my query - much appreciated.
I shall now go out and buy a helmet video camera. After all, if I dont use it to spot mobile phone offenders, I can always mount it on my handlebars with a mini screen and watch a good DVD while riding through the red lights - on the pavement of course!
Thank you.

Fair enough in future when any cyclist slows me down I shall run him down.

And I should hope that should you be burgled and the guy get community service you see the law in just a silly way.

You really are a waste of space.
Cycling on the pavement isn't always illegal. In several towns I have visited the cycle path is actually on the pavement.

I find cyclists on footpaths less of a problem than motorists parking on the pavement, to be fair.

And Davethedog - you were being presumptive accusing the OP of cycling through red lights.

I wasn't presuming you were being harsh - I can see you were being harsh.
I was crossing the road at traffic lights that had turned red, i stepped out with my pushchair with my 3 month old son in at the time, and a bloke on a pushbike cycled straight into me thowing me to the floor and trowing my pushchair across the road with my son in!
Didn't stop at the RED light then subsequently blamed me for not looking!
Davethedog - that's just what you are - a dog and I bet you're a white van driver too. Whilst I drive a car I applaud every single one of London cyclists as your taking motorized traffic off the road and crowds off the public transport.
No Bob I am not a white van driver and your no driver if you were there is no way that you could support cylists, I have never met a driver who does..

You can applaude whom you like the majoroity of cyclists have no road sense and as so amply demonstrated by Gromit are a danger to themselves and others.

As I was waiting on my bike for the lights to turn green I noticed the two young men in the adjacent car were texting, they almost missed the green phase completely. I expect if I tried to film them I may have been knocked off my bike too !

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driving while using a mobile phone

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