How to find some one in the prison system?

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Zigolaine | 06:41 Mon 03rd Nov 2008 | Criminal
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Hi, I recently discovered my violent ex-partner is now in prison in Scotland. How do I go about finding where he is, what he has done and when he will be out. I do not wish to contact him I would just like to know so I can be aware of the situation as there are children involved. All I have is his name. Thanks.


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I would think your local social services would help you, given the circumstances.
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If I contact social services do they contact him to let him know someone is trying to access his information? As this is what I am very wary of. Under no circumstances do I want him knowing anything about us. Are there any legit prison record sites , where one does not have to pay the "one off" fee to access them. And thanks for swift response.
social services are there to protect people in your situation. once someone is convicted the information becomes public, so you are entitled to know.

if you know which court he was convicted in you could call them and they will give you some info without asking who you are, but I think you will get more info through social services.
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I am based in UK. I have no idea which court he went through in Scotland. Can UK social services cross reference with Scotland or should I contact Scottish Social Services direct?
i dont think you will be told any infomation about him,because of data protection laws,even prisoners have that right.
I needed to do exactly this recently and I phoned the prison. They were really helpful and told me exactly when and were the trial was going to be ( woman was on remand awaiting trial) After the trial, I called the Court and they gave me all the information (sadly the woman in my situation escaped a custodial) and no one asked who I was or why I wanted to know. Hope that helps. Good Luck
Have you tried searching his name in local newspaper websites. Local papers usually cover trials and perhaps you could identify a court and court date, if not which prison he was taken to?

Otherwise I don't think you will gain access to information which is not in the public domain if you are wishing to withhold your own information.

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How to find some one in the prison system?

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