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Caught drink driving whilst banned for drink driving.

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viotrax | 13:26 Fri 29th Feb 2008 | Criminal
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A friend was caught drink driving while banned for the same offence. He tried to evade capture and crashed. He now faces the driving drunk whilst banned for driving while drunk, plus a dangerous driving charge. His legal repp has said to be prepared for a four year custodial, serving two. I,m up for cat sitting for the duration. Has anyone heard of anything similar and can guestimate what he,ll get ?? Thanks, Alan.


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The potential of his actions to wreck the lives of innocent people should be reflected in his sentence which is in my opinion too lenient.
You're worried about the cat?
Question Author
I am aware of how this is a terrible thing to do. I lost my right leg and use of right arm through a drunk thai girl ten yrs ago so no more lectures please. Just a guess on how long. Also I may not give a (*&%^ about my friend, he deserves whatever he gets and I told him so, but yes I do care about the cat, she,s T total and doesnt even drive.
I don�t understand the suggested sentence that your friend�s legal advisor puts forward. Although it is under discussion and an increase may be likely, currently the maximum sentence for Dangerous Driving is two years. The other offences (driving whilst disqualified and excess alcohol) carry a maximum of six months each.

Any custodial sentences imposed will undoubtedly be served concurrently as all the offences arose from the same incident. This means a maximum of two years is the most your friend can expect. If he pleads guilty it will be substantially less than that, and he will only serve a maximum of half the sentence in prison.
Was the drunk Thai girl driving a car or did she do something else to you?
Question Author
I was driving down a highway similar to our A1 but with no barriers left, right, or central. She wanted to hopp from left to right across both lanes even though there was no intersection, just a track. I missed her but ended up in the central reservation which was being used to store concrete pipes. We were both on motorcycles. She just kept on going, I was in a coma for 22 days and now need a wheelchair. I,m pleased it was not of my doing or I,d have been angy with myself forever. As it is I,m very lucky to be here and still spend half each year in TH. I drive a quad now. Thanks for the replies, the one from the Judge was all I needed to know. I,ll be sure to post the outcome of my friends case which is in the first few days of april. Alan.

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Caught drink driving whilst banned for drink driving.

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