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prison overcrowding

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busta233 | 14:08 Mon 26th Nov 2007 | Criminal
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Does anyone know what is happening about the overcrowding in prisons due to the IPPs. It was splashed all over the new this weekend but there were loads of conflicting stories. One said that they were going to release some prisoners early and others said that they were going to stop giving out custodial sentences (which is utter crap - they will never learn if they don't get a custodial sentence). Just wondering what was happening with it all cos nobidy ever tells you anything unless they want you to know - especially the government.


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I think I just read that they were going to stop jailing women.
Whether it is true or not, I don't know.
The problem is that there are insufficient parole boards to consider whether an offender is still dangerous and this is clogging up the system. The IPP was a poorly thought out reponse to a problem. As with many of this governments crime initiatives it simply does not work
the reason prisons are overcrowded is because they send anyone and everyone there..... prison is supposed to keep dangerous people away from the public and to rehabilitate offendors. 50% of prisoners are neither dangerous or need rehabilitating this country is too quick to judge
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thankyou joffwatts. my son is in prison at the moment (sct47). he has just been told that he should be released 18 days early if he had a good report (good behaviour and no warnings in prison etc). Thats my reason for wanting to know.
prisons are full because the criminal justice system is hopeless and requires a complete overhaul. too many innocent people are being convicted. why won't the criminal justice system, the parole board and the prison system recognise that wrongful convictions can and do happen? no human institution is totally infallible .

innocent people are being convicted as a result of police trawling but the real criminals often know how to cover their tracks.

the jury is presented with nothing but lies... the accused is not allowed a proper defence... all the people who can testify to the defendant's innocence are excluded, so there is a conviction purely on the basis of hearsay and the collaboration of liars eager for compensation.

and our prisons are becoming even more full now due to the introduction of the ipp sentence 2 years ago (indeterminate sentence for public protection). a person can be detained for up to 99 years! there is no provision within the prison system for such long term imprisonment.

so there is little hope for parole for an innocent person in prison who maintains that innocence as they are said to be in denial and not addressing their offending behaviour. so they may never be released even if they are completely innocent.

please could you sign my petition to parliament if you agree with the content.

i feel the law needs to be changed to help the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted who have committed no crimes but are serving lengthy sentences in prison nonetheless. at least 200 signatures are required for the government to take notice. there are 71 signatures to date but the more the better.

the man i love is on an ipp and he is innocent.

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My son was innocent of his crime, but the police wanted a conviction and got one - there were no witnesses and they took no forensic evidence (there was some available), saying it was too expensive to cross match what was found. The only reason the police and the CPS took it to court was because of his previous conviction - they had nothing else - even the judge said that in a round about way. He was lucky he did not get an IPP - I will definately sign your petition and get lots more to do it.

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prison overcrowding

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