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notnutnut | 21:43 Tue 19th Oct 2021 | Criminal
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Hello all, on a mixed use premises where I live would anyone have an opinion on whether I could be prosecuted by the local council for having scaffolding, my scaffolding and not third partys on the premises, any clues much appreciated thanks.


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Some more detail might help here.

Is the scaffolding you refer to some that's been (or will be) erected or are you referring to storing some scaffolding poles, planks, etc on the premises.

If the scaffolding has been (or will be) erected, are you referring to temporary scaffolding to enable work to be done or do you mean scaffolding that you intend to remain in place permanently for some reason?

If your question simply relates to storing scaffolding poles (etc), are you referring to just a few or enough to run a scaffolding business?

What type of mixed-use premises are you referring to? Are you the freeholder or a tenant?

Without such information (and possibly a bit more too), I feel it will be impossible for anyone here to provide you with a meaningful answer.
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I've just noticed that I initially broached this subject some time ago but at that point I probably didn't have all the info. In aswer to your answer I would that I'm happy to share any or all of the info I have on this matter. Since I was a child we have always had scaffolding on the premises to use as as needed. A few years ago I did rent a small part of the premises to a scaffolding company but the council said that this was not permitted and this was duly terminated, they then said that even my scaffolding could not remain here and this I'm certain is not so, I may even have an audio file of the council's enforcement officer telling me this but back to your answer. Sometimes the tubing is used for access and sometimes to construct devices to perform a certain task, I have no intention to run a scaffolding business. The premises are both residential and horticultural and my intent was to use part of the tubing to rebuild the seleton of the replacement polytunnel greenhouses and no, there was no where near enough scaffolding for business use. Freeholder is the answer to the next question and please feel free to ask for whatever detail you need. If you're aware of the of the 'what 3 words' geolocation app and tap in 'armed stores branded' it will show you the postbox on the corner of our bungalow and the area surrounding, I could give you title number if you want,any help really appreciated 'cause I'm absolutley certain I'm allowed my own scaffolding here. Thank you.
Wouldn't it simply be easier to ask the council?. Whatever they said before their answer may be different now. If they say no ask them to point you to the relevant regs.
If I was you, I'd get on and use the scaffolding to rebuild the polytunnel skeletons. Then, just as a pile of bricks ceases to be one when they're made into a house, your scaffolding poles would no longer actually be scaffolding poles but part of a structure used for horticultural purposes.

As I assume that you've got the relevant planning permission for such structures, the council's planning department could then have no further quarrel with you.
In my view you should speak to the Council (if they are the Local Planning Authority). They are the ones who would grant or refuse planning permission, or who would advise you if pp was indeed required.
Regardless of what anyone here might advise, the LPA are the ones who have the right to make a decision and the ones who would initiate enforcement proceedings if necessary.
what in mixed access areas?
yes I am sure they would
wish to have a safety assessment which would probably fail
and insurance for walk ins to scamper around and fall off

hi not not not - not seen you post for a long time

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A Civil Law Question I Think.

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