is there anywhere I can find out about a burial/cremation?

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ojread2 | 21:39 Thu 04th Mar 2010 | Civil
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Or more to the point, where someone is buried or had their ashes laid to rest?


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There's no central record.

You've not stated how long ago the person died or how much other information you have. If the death occurred in fairly recent years, and the deceased person left a will, their executors will probably be able to give you the information you require. The will is a public document and it will name the executors (probably also giving their addresses). You can get a copy of the will from the Probate Registry:

Again, if the death was fairly recent (and you know where in the country the person died), phoning around local funeral directors might yield the relevant information. (Use to find the phone numbers).

Similarly, looking through the 'death' columns in the archives of local newspapers might help. (Contact the main reference library for the area, or the county records office).

If the death occurred many years ago, you're probably limited to checking church records and similar documents.

Remember, of course, that (in the case of cremation) many people don't have their ashes 'laid to rest' anywhere. They may simply have been scattered somewhere that a relative (or whoever arranged the funeral) thought to be appropriate. (My own will asks that my body be cremated without ceremony and that my ashes be disposed of, also without ceremony, in any convenient refuse receptacle. I used to prepare wills for a living and I know that my wishes are by no means unusual).

bad luck, Chris, as I intend to throw you a state funeral at St Paul's in recognition of your helpful contributions on AB. I know you'll hate it, so I'm not inviting you.
There's nothing new there, Jno. People are always telling me that I'll "be late for my own funeral!"

Thanks for the thought anyway!

Where about's do you live?

As I recently wanted to find out some information of a relative whom had passed away and I had never been to his grave due to personal reasons. I didn't want to really ask someone from that specific side of the family if I could avoid doing so, and besides applying for a death certificate (as I dont know exactly what info is held on it) I went on google and typed in something similar to

"burial records **my town**"

and it came up with a website which seem's to be linked with Manchester City Council and had records of most burials for all cemetries in Manchester (which is where I live)

Selected from a drop down menu wether it was a burial or cremation
I typed in the forname & surname
Selected the cemetry which my relative was buried in
Typed burial/cremation date range (has another drop down menu of wether date is exact

And I personally had to register as a member to the site for the result's. It asked me to pay at first but I tried a new search whilst logged in and got the info I was looking for.

If you don't find what your looking for after trying the method I did, let me know and I will post the website's URL. If (which theres a large possibilty your not) your not from Manchester, the website/search record site you need will be diffrent but if required I will assist you to get hold of the info your looking for as I do have quite a large list of sources which I use when searching for burial record's when doing family history.

I hope that this is of some help to you, and as I mentioned, let me know if you need any help in finding what your looking for.

Good luck.

Yours kindly

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wow, that was quick

Thanks for your replies - he died 3 years ago today. Very sad as he was only 42/3 at the time of death. He being my very first serious boyfriend and my first love ( the only person I've ever truly loved) - wanted to just know, if you can understand that, but without upsetting the family at all by intruding

Northernmoneky - have searched google bit not with that title =) As it is unlikely he left a will that search could prove very useful - I will let you know the outcome

thanks again everyone xx
I'm very sorry about your tragic loss, and I hope today is not too difficult for you. 42/3, is a absolute unluckly age to end what was without doubt the life of a fantastic man with so much to live for. May I ask, and I am very very hesitant in doing so, how he passed away? I really do offer you my most sincere appologise if I have caused any upset to you by asking that question, as I honestly did not mean to as I can relate to what a diffcult day today is for you thinking about all the good/happy times that you both shared together but only thing left for you to possibly do is try your upmost hardest to remain positive and strong, for his sake if not most imporantly yourself. If you want abit of help in trying to get details, send info to my email which is and I will quite happily use what resources I use myself and with some hope / luck be able to give you a result which is useful to you on a day which it could possibly actually be the day which it would be apprciated the absolute most.

Kind regards, take care of yourself and my thoughts are with you, on today of all days which is difficult without any doubts and you as I have said prior to now, have the deepest and warmest of my thoughts that you are not going to find todays events/taks too much of a struggle due to being otherwise distracted as if so, I would advise to try and avoid driving and things likewise due to not understandablly having full attention compared to usual

Simon x
Question Author
northernmoneky, thank you so much for your caring reply.

You're right I have had my thoughts taken up today by this. I don't know how I am supposed to feel. I loved him, but it was many years ago now we were together and yet I find myself wanting to grieve him - is this normal? I want to cry, so much left unsaid - he never married or had children - something he said he could never do without me as we parted the last time I saw him. I am, quite frankly devastated and I have no right to be

I will certainly use your email address at some point - for now I must look for myself

thank you so very much x
It is not in the slighest way any trouble whatsoever, I know exactly how you feel as I have sadly also lost 1 certian person in my family at a younger age (My Grandad) who I was very close with, and when he suddenly wasn't any longer there to visit in hospital as he had athritus and at the time up until after his death was also sadly suffering from cancer which still makes me bring a tear to my eye just thinking about it, but I have over time learnt to deal with the days which are most diffcult to remain a normal life and usual self-appearance which are the day on which he sadly passed away a week before xmas which just makes xmas a time which I dont really see as anything special mainly because its a time that I mostly constantly think about all the good times which we had which brings some ease not much though to the pain and also his birthday is a day I tend to slip away from all of my usual routine and just greave which brings me to answer your question, no its not wrong in anyway shape or form its natural to want to greive for a loved one whom is now gone forever. As hard as it is to actually come to terms with, and no amount of time is right or wrong, each person deals with losing someone in a diffrent way.

Hope your having a good as can be expected day, kind regards
Also I forgot to say before that I admire your strong willingness to make your own attempts to find info before asking for help. Not many people on here that are same.
Question Author
Good morning northernmonkey

I forgot to say how he passed - a brain hemorrhage
His niece is going to bring me some photo's that she has - it is a bit of a convoluted story as to how I actually found out he died but it was a spooky moment that's for sure - one of those 'OMG, it can't be' type

I haven't been able to search this past few days as I have been particularly busy, but am about to look now and will surely let you know the outcome

I am sorry to hear of your loss too. It can be very hard at times and I am pleased that you eventually found what you were looking for. I wonder if you could possibly post the web url in case my search proves fruitless?

many thank yous =)
Good morning,

will try not to bring up topic in much detail eh .... hope it is bit of help ..

also I dont know if yes or no but as to if your in manchester as it seems to be Manchester council run site....?
Question Author
Thank you agian for your replies both

Northernmonkey, I have sent you an email
Greener <a href="">cremation</a>
liquefaction is the best way...

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is there anywhere I can find out about a burial/cremation?

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