After probate if the inheritant dies what happens

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sunset92 | 00:22 Thu 31st Dec 2009 | Civil
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My grandad died a several months ago, and left his estate to my aunt, and to my mother. Probate was granted and a small some of money was transferred into my mothers account just before my mother died, which was okay as that went into her "estate" and has been legally sorted out - however now my grandads property estate has now been sold - who now inherits - would it all go to my aunt - or half to my aunt and the other half to my mothers next of kin. My aunt is dealing with all matters relating to my grandfathers estate and is not willing to be upfront about it all. i know in my grandfathers will - he wanted it equally split between his two children, but i dont understand unless i get legal advice - and without sounding like a gold digger i do not want my aunt to have the whole estate.


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Since your mother died after your grandad, the legacies left in the will of your grandad remain valid - your grandad's estate is still split between your aunt and late mother. This true unless your grandad included a specific statement to the contrary in his will (for example, the statement 'I leave the residue of my estate to X unless she does not survive me by at least [30] days' is sometimes included in a will).
As executor of your grandfather's estate, your aunt is obliged to carry out the instructions in the will - but now transferring the monies that were due to your mother into the estate of your late mother.
Who is dealing with your mother's affairs? - you?
Did she leave a will?

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After probate if the inheritant dies what happens

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