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shazzzz | 10:58 Sat 18th Aug 2007 | Civil
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i have just come back from a caravan ,break from this place. our caravan was attacked by under age drinkers who were on site banging on our caravan at about,half one in the morning and really freaked the kids out. about the second night i put the fire on because the weather was cold, and the kids were findind bite marks the next morning .they only had one or two,but when i put my shorts on ,on the forth day i must of had about twenty.bite marks around the back of my knee on both occasions i complaned, with the boys i was told they were local boys ,and later found out they wernt.on the second i was told ,the fumergation man found no flees even our cloths were sprayed,the kids didnt want to go back ,so they moved us on our last day we were,making beds at nine pm ,and had to be out by ten the next morning.they even tried to say we brought them in ourselfs i cannot get the e mail address for mr bunn and they will not give it,sometimes people at the top never know whats going they expect the staff to handel it ,i do deal with people who are md buissness people in the city, who would be horrified to learn of the way we were treated by this company, forgot to mention the site is dog friendly ,any help out there


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This is their Companys House Business Registration Number.

1538949 ea485e90d23cd0ddf318/compdetails

You can probably get the rest of the info from them :)

Good Luck!!! :)
if they were not fleas, they were likely mosquitos - nothing the company can do about that i'm afraid, this is the season for them and you should have had repellent.

fleas don't tend to bite humans anyway so it seems unlikely there'd be so many bites, and if bug guy found nothing, you cannot claim infestation.

not sure what you were expecting to be done about the cold... you put tjhe fire on... i don't get the point here...

not sure what they could have done about the kids either, unless you told them at the time and they didn't come and move them on.
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most of the bites are at the back of the knee, as though i have been sitting down, the caravan site is also dog friendly but it is an extra forty pounds ,it wouldent take alot of trouble to sneek a dog in on a site that big . i have a dog myself but you were very limited to as to where you could take it , i dont think for one minuate the fellow looked for the flees as they live in the furniture and carpets which they lay there larva ,i am still persuining this proberlem i have never slept in a place riddled with flees and had my propertie attacked by ,drunken underage teenagers,i see you do not mention about the effects on the poor children . this company is supposed to be child friendly to im sure if the children in my company went around biteing members of staff and causing trouble i would soon here from mr bunn

Do you not have Spellchecker.

If you are going to email "Mr Bunn" please use it.

Finding, Fourth, Complained, Weren't, Fumigation, Clothes, Didn't, Ourselves, Handle, Business.

They might pay a bit more attention.
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thank you very much for your coments. big cheese. the world is full of people who look down on people with a learning dissability .thank god i dont think i am as perfect as you .
dear shazzzz - sorry this is a bit out of date now, but only just seen your complaint about selsey bill.

my family and i were also there, during the same week as you. whilst having no flee or bite problems, i do recall a night/early morning of drunken yobs bashing caravans about and using fowl, offensive language. i have to admit that personally i hate the place. however it is my father that owns the caravan, he purchased it purley so that he can take all the grandkids for weekends. for which the place is purfect for small children as its got everything there that they want.

please dont be totally put off by this incident, as when the wind isnt there and the sun is out, there are some beautiful sandy beaches, harbours/quays and villages very local to bunn leisure.

as an owner/member, i will take a copy of your complaint to the owner/member reception on my next visit when picking up my kids, whilst stating my own concerns regarding the drunken behaviour, language and fear that my kids were also subjected to. please post the caravan number/site name you were in and we''ll see what comes about.

other than that love, sorry you had such a s**tty holiday.

love & best x x x x x x

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bunn leisure hoiladay from hell selsey

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