Lost my no claims bonus

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dennilson | 15:45 Thu 08th Feb 2007 | Civil
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Three years ago I was involved in a minor road accident resulting a third party making a claim against me. I immediately had two years no claims bonus taken from me from the insurance company due to this incident.
I could not afford the premium with that company due to the loss of bonus so I wen to another insurance company. I have subsequently won the case re the accident and had my no claims reinstated by the original company. I informed them that I have had had to pay extra premiums for two years even though it was not my fault and which has now been proven. I have asked them to recompensate me for the money they took from me, but they state that I should seek recompense from the company I am currently with. I am very confused, and it looks like I am being penalised for something I am not responsible for. Any Insurance boffs out there please advise Cheers


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Your NEW insurance should honour your NCB retrospectively if you produce evidence from the old company that you were after all entitled to it.

Your old company would only be responsible had you continued insuring with them. They have taken no money from you, the new company have.

At least if I've understood your question right
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Thanks dzug thought that might be the case, both companies are bouncing me from pillar to post, God knows what would have happened if it had of been my fault. Do you work in insurance:

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Lost my no claims bonus

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