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Changes of shift patterns in the N.H.S.

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bumble60 | 12:20 Fri 04th May 2012 | Civil
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I work for the N.H.S. I dont belong to a union. As far as i can remember there was a rule. If you work in a certain way for a number of years it`s called a Standard Practice. Due to government cut`s ( Yet again ) We are going to have our shifts changed. We know it`s got to happen but! We changed our shift patterns to suit the department. This was a voluntary move. Less lunch breaks etc. That has worked for over 5 years. The problem is for two of us is. I take my wife to work. That will have to change. She will have to use cab`s. That will mean an extra £100.00 per month for me. Another guy wont be able to use transport because the new shift times. That is going to cost him roughly £500.00. per month due to the distance and having to use cabs. I cannot afford another £100.00 per month. I cant get busses and we have no trains. I have to use my car to get there and back. He certainly cant afford another £500.00 per month. That would be a disaster financially. We know that our contract states. Hours as required by the Manager. Can they just force us to change. For myself I have had a stroke and have a heart condition.I have to use my car. I could walk but that is impossible. 7 miles every day and home again at after midnight. If I have to pay out more I wont be able to afford to go to work with the petrol prices as they are plus this extra £100. My only option will be to resign to save petrol and take her to work as I do now. Any ideas would be very helpful


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Buses or any other form of public transport?
Join a union and get their advice.
IIRC from my time in the NHS, They have to consult with the workforce and give consideration to their needs and problems but at the end of the day, if the service requires it they can make the changes, they may also move staff to other jobs who cannot work within the new shift pattern.
I worked in the NHS, and the same applied to us, I worked with Learning
Disabilities, challenging behaviour, but in the community, in their own(rented)
properties. These properties could be miles apart, but you were normally based in one.
Each property different, different levels of disability, and usually between 1 and 6 in a house, and you worked 'as required' hours, houses different hours.
They, (bosses) are'nt interested in how we get there, that is our problem.

If we complained of new shift patterns, hours, they, well one of the area managers, would threaten to move you, and it would be the furthest house from you, and say that you are paid to work for the NHS, not that property.
We would get th union involved, sometimes it worked, and you stayed, but
the shift pattern/hours changed. Other times you would still be moved, and
the excuse was you're expertese would be of better value in the other

On the sleep-overs, they would change too., people have others to consider,
childcare. I know there is a new policy for childcare, but that was'nt always
there. They really don't care.

You need to be in the union. Good Luck
The 'rule' you are trying to remember is an Implied Term of your contract, but that does not apply here - implied terms relate to aspects that are not defined but have over time become custome and practice. Shift patterns will very definitely not fit into that camp.

Good advice from Woofgang, the consultation should be INDIVIDUAL to you because everyone impacted will have a different issue to resolve. But the financial impact created by having had the benefit of being able to share lifts with another person is unlikely to count for much.

Although I don't often say it, joining a union in this case may be worthwhile; strength in numbers and all that. But at the end of the day if the organisation has an overriding business requirement to change the patterns, it will do it. Then you would be faced with either accepting it or resigning and claiming constructive dismissal.
I agree with buildersmate and the others. I'm not convinced that this is simply a matter of "'government cuts (yet again)". Reorganisations of this nature occur frequently in private and public sector organisations in an attempt to make the best use of limited resources. I'm not aware that overall health spending has been cut- the trend has been upwards for many years now.
Good luck with any individual consultations and hopefully for you the union consultations may lead to some watering down of the changes
Join a union
They do this sort of thing every day

Bread and butter to them
so it worth the sub for you

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Changes of shift patterns in the N.H.S.

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