Ex wife ignoring a court judgement - what now?

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tgm1974 | 12:26 Mon 20th Feb 2012 | Civil
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My husband took his ex wife to court over the selling of their marital home to enable him to have a clean break from her. The mortgage had been paid off for 10yrs and she was living beyond her needs in a 5 bedroom house when she only needs a 3 bedroom.

To cut a long story short he won the case and she was "ordered" to put the house on the market at the start of January 2012. This has still not been done and my husbands solicitor has wrote to her reminding her of the judgement, which she's ignored, so a formal letter highlighting the court judgement has been sent now.

Does anyone know what happens if she ignores this letter? I know he could talk to his solicitor but as you can appreciate any contact to a solicitor has a cost attached .... just wondering if anyone's been thro similar, etc?!


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Contempt of Court = Possible gaol sentence.
As Canary says it could be contempt of court, civil contempt is the disobedience to a court judgment, which is a serious matter, and the other side would be very silly to ignore the letter that has been sent.

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Ex wife ignoring a court judgement - what now?

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