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Would you ever consider going back into education?

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AB Editor | 20:13 Fri 22nd Jan 2010 | Jobs & Education
9 Answers

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  • Yes, but only to learn something completely new. - 17 votes
  • 55%
  • Yes, to achieve a higher qualification in my area of expertise. - 7 votes
  • 23%
  • Yes, but only if I was made redundant. - 4 votes
  • 13%
  • Never. - 3 votes
  • 10%

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I did, back in 1997 and took 2 A levels and then went on to do a 4 year BA combined honours History with English degree and loved it, I had already done 4 years study with the OU covering their history degree course before that. So which answer should I pick?
i want to go to college to learn about running a business ,but there are so many different business courses to choose from going to go and see about it next week to find out the best one for myself
I would, if they made it worth my while
Would - with job guarantee after! Too many pseudo diploma courses, costing mortgages, that turn out to be un-economical and too dis-heartening for hopefuls.
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I went through O' levels then A' levels and finally University where I got an engineering degree. By the end of it I'd had enough of exams, study, deadlines etc. and just wanted to get a job.

Since then I've studied German to GCSE level and started on an A' level and also did a literature course but both were fun and passing an exam wasn't important. I dropped the German when it stopped being fun and became hard work.
Yes, to learn something new. Actually recently I've been thinking about doing that.
I can highly recommend it. In the past 8 years I've notched up 7 third level qualifications, all done part time and mostly at least two courses on the go at any one time. It's a great way to meet people, enhance your employability and income, and generally improve yourself. Best thing about doing it as an adult is you get to choose the subjects that interest you, so it's far easier than, say, being in school.
I have gone back into education after being made redundant last year. I'm studying something completely different and it's the best decision I've made for years.

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Would you ever consider going back into education?

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