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Does the education system in Britain need an overhaul?

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AB Editor | 01:00 Tue 04th Dec 2007 | Jobs & Education
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The UK�s schools have slipped out of the top ten in the world for reading and maths, according to a new report. Is this indicative of a failing system? Does the education system in Britain need an overhaul?

  • Yes the whole system is a mess and needs an overhaul. These results reflect the problems across the board. - 375 votes
  • 53%
  • Problems are growing and unless some drastic changes are made then the future of the education system is grim. - 192 votes
  • 27%
  • Some changes are needed to certain areas such as reading and maths, but overall the system is alright. - 102 votes
  • 14%
  • No. This is a one off and Britain's schools are doing a good job in teaching our youngsters. - 45 votes
  • 6%

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Does the education system in Britain need an overhaul?

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