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qualifications for a IT Techincian

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fabemmy | 15:12 Tue 08th Dec 2009 | Jobs & Education
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can anyone tell me what Qualifications do I have to have to be a IT Technician.



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well I have no relevant qualifications and I'm now an IT manager, so I would say none are needed if you can get the experience behind you!

But as most people probably won't be as lucky in the chances they get as I have been then an A+ is a good start and then you would have to start thinking about the direction you want to go in an IT job, as they can differ hugely and the correct qualification for one aspect of IT may be no use at all in another aspect.

but all the qualifications in the world will not help you if you can't demonstrate a basic understanding and a certain amount of aptitude for the subject.
No I have none either apart from an O level in Computing) and I've been doing desktop support among other things for about 20 years now.
Oh, and I'm an IT analyst, well EPOS Support helpdesk and I got a D in my I.T GCSE!

Also my other half is a systems architect / wintel engineer and he has no english qualifications what so ever, and he is now a contractor who earns good money and knows pretty much everything about what he does!
(He didnt fail everything btw, he grew up in SA, moved here at 16/17 to be told what he did have meant nothing over here :-( )
Many people do on-the-job or night school training in either Microsoft or Cisco server management - I know the latter is quite pricey.
My hubby is in IT and didn't get any IT qualifications or a degreebut he has noticed that many high up jobs ask for post-graduates nowadays and even lower down there are many qualifications you could get to enhance your chances of getting a job/career in IT. There is a new diploma,several Alevels and other courses even part-time at college.

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qualifications for a IT Techincian

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