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JB | 02:57 Fri 21st Nov 2008 | Jobs & Education
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Just wondering what people's thoughts are regarding the minimum wage. I'm recently back in the job market (after many years of earning a decent wage) and am absolutely amazed that a high percentage of jobs are advertised as 'meeting N.M.W.' regardless of what the job is, or what skills are required. Are employers using N.M.W. as an excuse not to pay (albeit legally) a fair wage? For the record, I am currently doing a similar job to what I was doing almost 20 years ago and not getting paid as much now as I was then!


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I'm also unemployed (so I'm not answering your question from the point of view of, say, a well-paid city banker). However, I don't believe in the NMW. Similarly, I don't believe in most so-called 'employment rights'.

I believe that all employers should have the right to 'hire and fire' at will (unless they've signed a contract to the contrary). Further, they should have the absolute right to determine what they pay. For example, someone might currently be working on a supermarket checkout for �5.73 per hour (having worked there for, say, over 20 years). The employer should have the right to say "There are plenty of unemployed people who'll take your job for �3 an hour. From now on, that's what we're paying you. Take it or leave it". The employee should have then have 5 minutes to accept the offer or be instantly dismissed, with no rights to any compensation.

Businesses are there to maximise their profits. The law should encourage them to do so. Any employer who has the slightest consideration for his employee's welfare or ridiculous, so-called 'rights' should not be in business.

I'm glad I don't work for you, Buenchico.

To be able to tell someone they have to take a reduction in wages of �2.73 an hour or be out of a job within 5 minutes with no comeback is absolutely disgusting. Employers would pay peanuts and employees would have no sense of security whatsoever!!

There would be a heck of a lot of employers with no workers as most people would quickly find that they would be better off on benefits.
The problem with low wages is the tax payer picks up the bill.

If an employer chooses to pay a low wage, the wage may be topped up by income support in one form or another.

Why should I, as a tax payer, support an employer who refuses to pay decent wages by making up the shortfall?
if a business was run like that you'd probably find they had a lack of staff
I think on this occasion Buenchico is being deliberately mischievous.
As employers, the minimum wage is sometimes all you can afford to pay!!! Believe me if it wasn't there employers would pay a lot less. People could always take 2nd jobs if they need to supplement their incomes before taking benefits!
We pay well above minimum wage as we expect a lot from out staff and they are rewarded bi-annually on top of that but people take the jobs knowing what is on offer and then moan!
If wages don't stack up - look for something else. It is not the taxpayers responsibility to boost incomes NOR is it the employers responsibility to cover peoples standard of living if the job they are doing does not warrant it.
For Factor 30:

Not mischievous, just honest.

The best boss I ever worked for was a manager who repeatedly said "caring is not in my contract". It wasn't just a phrase she used; she genuinely meant it. If she'd been told that a member of staff had died, her only concern would be the impact on the organisation. She was both 'cold' and 'clinical'. Those are qualities which I admire and try to emulate. I would also prefer to live in a society where everyone took the same view.

Buenchico, perhaps you should move to China or Russia. it might suit your manifesto better! LOL

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