my Sociology dissertation

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nicki twigs | 14:57 Wed 14th Jun 2006 | Jobs & Education
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hello there i am after some honest opinions please and i figured with you straight talking bunch this would be the place to come .i am currently studying sociology and for my dissertation i would like to know your opinions on When precisely did the evolution process change to differentiate ? for example an animal who is obviously excited and then indulges in their animal desires , we would not bat an eyelid and probably have a laugh over the fact and let them carry on , yet a human couldnt do the same? i mean surely we humans have more rights than an animal but in this case are we the ones that are truly kept in cages unable to freely do what nature intended ??


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I expect there'll be loads of people on this site who can tell you where you can sh*g in the open air when the mood takes them, and plenty more who like to watch.

I didnt read your question the way the previous poster did.I am assuming you are attempting a different angle on what is fundamentally the most natural act in the animal kingdom and I include humans in that as well.I have some insight - but as you will appreciate - it is too complex to summarise in a paragraph or two.

I would recommend a book which explains the diversity of evolution and in particular this subject.

It has been researched and written by a well known anthropologist Dr P.Key - entitled 'Evolved -Who Has?'

Good Luck nicky with your dissertation - thought provoking and interesting subject.

Maybe you should look in depth behind the meaning of the two notions 'rights' and 'freedom'. These two notions are very difficult to define and some would argue that neither exist.

Perhaps we are born to be free, but are our actions innate or dictated by nuture? Are responses and reactions conditioned through past experiences? Are we really born to be free. Afterall, we are born into a socitey which is governed by laws (most of us are more in to some kind of system of justice). Laws which ultimately an individual can not change and if an individual breaks these laws there will be consequences.

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my Sociology dissertation

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