Home-based ironing job - how much to charge?

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Van_Huzendt | 18:17 Fri 17th Mar 2006 | Jobs & Education
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Hi, I was reading thru this website for home-based jobs, and someone suggested the hour...but how much do you charge...what's the going rate? does it work....pls advise.....thanks!!


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I think you would need to work out how you were going to operate it and price accordingly.

I think you would need to go and collect (pertol/car costs), you would most likely need hangers (could give a reduction if they are returned) and plastic covers to keep clothes fresh.

You would need to have bulk rates which scale so 10 shirts for �5 - 20 Shirts �8 and so on.
One of my little luxuries in life is to take all of my washing to the laundrette and pay for a service wash + ironing. Everything then comes back ironed and folded, with my shirts and trousers, on wire hangers, in plastic covers. Their current prices are, I think, 90p to iron a shirt and �1.20 to press a pair of trousers.

Hoping this helps,

I used to have my ironing done by an ironing service and they charged 50p per item. The laundry was collected and the ironing delivered in a couple of days. I think they charged extra for mens' shirts and jeans, but all in all I found it very reasonable. That was when we lived in N Ireland. Now I'm back in England and I was quoted about �2.50 per kilo. I haven't used them over here because I thought it would work out expensive. I would go for the per item and include extra for a collection/delivery service. Hope this helps!

Hi, We have a lady that does all of our ironing and she charges as follows:-

shirts/blouses 1.25, trousers 1.50, duvet sets 1.75, jeans 1.75 and 5 little kids items for 2.00.

Hope this helps:)

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hi, my ironing lady charges 7.50 an hour and i normally give her a full basket - 25ish items and she charges �10 normally. i provide the hangers and she collects and delivers back. i am getting a bit annoyed as she was supposed to deliver back last night and she texted and said i will be round at 9.15 this morning and she hasn't turned up. i have texted her to ask what time she is coming and she hasn't replied! aargh she has all my daughters school uniform and nearly all my husbands work shirts

I would definitely charge per item, then people know exactly what they are paying. I would never use a 'per hour' person - I don't want to pay someone to have a cup of tea or chat on the phone!!

Find someone in your area who does this already and ring them pretending to be a customer to find out their rates. A bit sneaky but I'm sure that's what they did before they got started.

Good luck, it's sound like a good idea, might try it myself!

I think your best bet would be to get some bags and charge per bag!

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Home-based ironing job - how much to charge?

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