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Do I Take Take A Trip To Where My Interview Is?

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abbeylee90 | 17:56 Fri 09th Feb 2024 | Jobs & Education
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Shall I go the place of my interview before think I've been by there before but so I can find it on the day 



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If I do go on the course won't be able to go to HB

Question Author

If I so this course on Monday I can't go to interview at HB

Abbey, if you are going for a fork lift course to get a job, what training course have you booked on? Reach truck which is pretty much needed in a warehouse or Counter balance which generally is used inside and outside of the warehouse. you cannot (legally) drive one type on the other types  training

So you will have to cancel one or the other then?My fork-lift course took three days to complete.


Question Author

Apparently 5 days 

On a lot of these courses you will be shown a few"fork-lift accident"real life CCTV stuff of people being killed.Are you prepared for this?I wasnt.

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Yes I've done health and saftey course although you will probably be shown 

Good luck then,abbey.

Will you be paid for going on the course?

..and what will happen with the laundry job? Time off unpaid?

Abbey please can you answer some basic questions so people can understand and help?

You have had a warehousing interview this week that went well. Yes?

They will put you on and pay for a Forklift course. Yes?

They have implied it willl start next Monday. Yes?

So if you get and pass the course you have the job. Yes?

If that is all true why would you even need to go to HB interview, you will have a new job?

You said yesterday you won't hear till Monday whether you have been offered a place on the course - they can't expect you to start the same day they tell you - what about the laundry job?

Question Author

Yes they will pay travel and for course.

I got holidays at work but might unpaid for now failing I don't start Monday next course is 11th March I have sent them all they need I think.

I went for an Interview today in a warehouse for perfumes I should from both by Monday 

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Do I Take Take A Trip To Where My Interview Is?

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