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Fill In These Sentences

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Tasxox | 17:42 Mon 19th Sep 2022 | Jobs & Education
3 Answers
Managers or team leaders may come across many different types of problems, so you need to be able to __________ what a problem is. A problem can be defined generally as something that is difficult or a___________ which is awkward or__________.

It is important to also consider the_________of the problem when defining it. By doing so, you may be able to________the occurrence of similar future problems. Both the_____ of the problem and who is________by it should be taken into account, as a problem may affect an entire organisation or only the individuals who are part of your_________.

In order to find a way in which to_________a problem, you should consider what you hope to achieve by solving it and the possible_______ of taking no action.

fill these gaps with these words


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No, you fill 'em in.
I hope you haven't paid to be on this course!
If you can't fill in the gaps yourself, especially when the actual words are available, then you probably are wasting time and money taking this course.

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Fill In These Sentences

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