How Do Students In School Get Both Good Grades And Popularity?

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albertbucky | 17:53 Thu 20th May 2021 | Jobs & Education
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I'm in high school right now. Sometimes, I hear about someone who is both really popular and really good with their studies.

It always confuses me, because I've always thought that it was either that you got good grades but you also become a complete loner isolated from everyone/only have a small group of friends, or you become popular and have love and a lot of friends but get bad grades.

So how exactly is it that some people have both? Is there some sort of secret formula? Or are they just superhuman? what sort of genes do these kind of people have?


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Life doesn't fit into the compartments you mention so simply - many smart people have plenty of friends.

Equally some poor students are not always popular.

It's very much on an individual basis.
From what I remember of school - long ago - no one ever gave a second though to grades. It was never discussed who was top or bottom of the class. I did pretty good grade-wise & had friends, no sweat.
In fact I think the term end reports were only given to individual students/parents so no one else knew how you did unless you told them.
I don't know. But when I was in high the US...many, many years ago, it was the most popular students who also seemed to get the best grades. The girls were pretty, the boys good looking. They got involved in all sorts of extra curricular activities like sports teams, debating, special interest clubs. Maybe all that varied participation meant they met a lot of other,different students, so became popular.
It's always been that way.
Of course there were also clever students who were shy geeks, and outgoing bad boys and naughty girls.
Dead simple bucky.
It is a matter of discipline and priority coupled with genetic perfection.
1) Study.
2)Sporting excellence
3)Pulling the chicks.

I had all those attributes 3) followed on from 1) and 2).

I had it all and have little sympathy from lovers who scuttle to social media.
I hope that helps.
"lovers" Of course should read losers.
They achieve good grades by studying hard and are popular because they don't making up nasty stuff about their peers online.
Popularity and academic excellence are not mutually exclusive as you imply. It's much more complex than that. Or it was in my schooldays (1950s).
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Weird. I've always thought that popular people had a smaller work ethic than loners/people with few friends.
This is the same person who posted "Who is worse and why" earlier today
A basic grounding in technology, DIY, cars and trucks helps.

Look at the success of Popular Mechanics over the years.
calmck I'm pretty convinced its a wind up merchant Site Rules.
What age are you?
Question Author
Why do you care?
You'll learn as you grow that life doesn't fit into cute little boxes.

Forget your preconceptions.
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So I guess that means that some unsuccessful people are loners who no one would care for and others are very successful and are loved.

***, is the world really that unfair?
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Maybe I should be that guy who can be really successful and not give a damn about anyone else. Why should I?

Friendship is literally a joke at my age. People my age are too shallow and sociopathic to have empathy. Why should I bother to give a *** about anyone else when nobody would give a *** about me?
My daughter has just gone through school and higher education and talked about the popular girls.
My daughter is friends with a select few of academic friends who work hard at school but have a good fun social life giggling and being a bit silly about 12 of them in her friendship group.
She said the popular kids are the ones that don’t work as hard and have relationships to talk about.
She was never in the popular group.

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How Do Students In School Get Both Good Grades And Popularity?

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