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Fatemah | 13:10 Fri 14th May 2021 | Jobs & Education
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Hello everyone!

I have to give one presentation with my three Nigerian university fellows on 18th May, but we all face some issues like poor internet and power outage issues and we are not able to present in a live session if the professor can give us a favor we will upload on university forum, I wrote an email and I want someone please proofread this.
Dear Professor,
I hope you are doing well. I’m writing you to confirm about presentation which I and my other three team member have to present on 18th May.
Professor I want to confirm do we need to give our presentation in a live session or do we can upload it on the forum, since my three team members are from Nigeria and I’m from Egypt and we all are having some issues, like poor internet connection and power outage issues, so we are not sure we will be all able to present in a live session with these issues.
If it’s possible professor, we can upload the presentation on the forum but if it’s not possible we all will try to manage in a live session

Looking forward to your reply.
Thank you


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There is no need to keep addressing him in the text, the Dear Professor covers that.
It’s a bit wordy and repetitive, especially for an e-mail. Some of the facts aren’t really necessary (e.g. geographical locations of team) in my opinion. I would suggest something like---

Please would you help resolve a query my team and I have with the presentation on the 18th May. All the team are having problems with power outages and internet reliability, and I wonder whether it would be possible to upload our presentation on to the Forum rather than in a live session where persistence of connectivity may become an issue.

Looking forward etc etc etc
Sounds good canary. Keep these as brief as possible fatems

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Help In English Urgent Please

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