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woodchopper | 21:26 Mon 18th Jan 2021 | Jobs & Education
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When I upgraded my Talk Talk package last march to Faster Broadband I was guaranteed 38mbps - running a speed test shows that i am only getting 18.4 mbps. So i complained to Talk Talk - after much BS they conducted a line test and the result of that stated that there was a Bridge Tap on the phone line and they like to charge me for an engineer to visit and if the fault was on my line extensions they would charge me even more to put it right.
So - I know what a bridge tap is ~( basically a T joint to a dead end reflecting the signal back thus interfering and slowing down the signal ). If I remove any old extensions that are connected and rewire with proper cable and terminate correctly that should in theory eliminate the Tap if it ever existed - or am i just being cynical?
Anybody have any experience i these matters?
I thought Talk Talk are just slowing down the speed deliberately due to the Covid crisis with everyone working from home.


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I would try removing all extensions so you are only left with incoming line, then retest speed test do it 3 times so you can get an average. Does the speed tester give you upload, download speeds plus a ping test.
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I suppose plugging the router and computer directly into the bt master socket would eliminate any extensions
I think if you get satisfactory rate from the master socket, means that there is an issue with your extensions. Just checks my speed which is 20 Mbps, which is a lot slower than when I last checked, I suppose a consequent of a lot more people being at home.
"I suppose plugging the router and computer directly into the bt master socket would eliminate any extensions "

If you mean the hidden test socket behind the face-plate then yes - if you just mean the front socket on the master socket then no, the extensions would still be connected.
Good point sunny, long time since I felt the need lol
Takes me back 15 years to my time as an (unpaid) admin on the old TalkTalk board, Tony - spent a lot of time telling people to "use the test socket" and "cut the ring wire" .... to get speeds of about 0.5mpbs
Yes we get phenomenal speeds now compared with the 1980's. I can remember being so impressed with my 1st computer, a spectrum, programming in spectrums unique language, Clive has something to answer for, my mum didn't like me using her portable tv screen as monitor in case she missed Corrie lol.

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Bridge Tap On Phone Line

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