2Nd Job Sole Trader

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eve1974 | 11:50 Mon 18th Jan 2021 | Jobs & Education
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I have a main job (PAYE) via employer.

Will it be legal to do a 2nd job as a sole trader?

It would be for same employer but a totally different role.

I would submit an invoice once a month for the additional hours (likely to be 15hrs per week).

I can't see a problem HMRC wise -

I would declare my sole trader income when my self assessment is done yearly.


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I don't see a problem but you could always check with HMRC.
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ty Tony - yeah ive looked on the HMRC website and I can't find clarity. I'll continue to look there tho -
eve maybe needs a phone call, but be prepared to hang on the line for a while, was bad enough before covid, bound to worse at the moment.
Shouldn't be a problem at all.
This article ha z lit if hepful info, while you are in the queue for HMRC :)
If you will only be providing work for one person you may not be able to be classed as self employed.

HMRC takes a very dim view of it.
Barry, my daughter only works for one person, and after much confusion by HMRC, they eventually decided she was self-employed, as she pays her own tax etc.
Yes, it can be done, Pixie, but it is hard convincing them. I know, I've had that battle with them a few times.
Your main job is as an Employee and you pay tax through the Paye scheme,

You can work for the same person or firm on a self-employed basis. You must register as self-employed with HMRC and you will receive a UTR (unique Tax Reference) number in the post. You must give your business a name which can be your given name.

You must them fill in a Self Assessment Tax return the end of the nearest Tax year. In the form it will ask you if you have done any work for an Employer -you must answer yes and fill in the supplementary page. It may ask you how much Tax you have paid in the last Tax year through PAYE and the name and address of your employer.

You then fill in the Tax return for a self-employed person (they do not ask for the peoples names you have worked for over the previous Tax year) . You may need to pay Tax on your self-employed income, if both your Employed and your Self-employed work exceeds the Government personal allowance.

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2Nd Job Sole Trader

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