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fatema | 11:39 Tue 10th Nov 2020 | Jobs & Education
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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is fine.
I actually got an email from my professor's assistant which was in my junk and i saw after few days, I actually requested to my professor that I can't attend my online classes in November and I'll available from December and his assistant contacted me that conduct a session with her so i she can guide me what i missed in my classes. I want to reply her and can someone please proofread my email, thank you in advance.
Dear abc,
i'm so sorry for the late response, actually your email dropped to my junk and I saw this today,
As I told professor abc that i'll not attend my November classes but fortunately from next Wednesday I be regular in class, however I am bit confuse about Moodle (online portal where we will upload our assignments) that how to use that and how to upload assignments and where to get study material ?
So, I would be grateful if we could conduct a zoom session on coming Monday at 11:00am (German Time) so I can clear my all confusion.

If this time is not suitable for you, I can attend session by your suggested time.

Thanks and regards,


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Capital I in I'm
"I only saw it today", would be better.
abc, I'll not be able to attend...
I can regularly attend the class...
the online portal we will use to upload...
where to get the study...
so I can understand Moodle better.
I would be happy to accept your suggestion of a more suitable time.

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