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what job is this????

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bloodycheap | 01:27 Thu 20th Oct 2005 | Jobs & Education
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The best ideas are the simplest ideas.

Really great ideas are those which already exist and successful then given a new twist! And so this has the twist! This is one of my local business.

A great business is one which you control, which sells itself and makes an income which you can expand as much as you like!

I have been self employed for several years after falling out with employers. Working for myself has always been hard, but its worth it and I could never go back to being a wage slave and this can help you do the same! I can;t expand anymore in my local area so selling the proven idea can help me make more money - and its a genuine opportunity for you!

The Idea.

This business idea came to me after I began looking at where I spent most of my hard earned self employment income and where other business people spend theirs.


There is some small level of expenditure required with most businesses, but this idea allows you to make the money first before spend any, and in doing so makes the business look attractive to your customers who will then pay you to use it.

Every small town has at least half a dozen places this product is relevant to and can earn up to �300 per location per month.

The amounts of money your customers pay individually are not significant and so easily parted with, but you deal with multiples of these and so it makes an income for you.


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No, This is an ad i saw.................Guys Guys and Gals..........This as an ad on Ebay that wants �10 to reveal what exactly it is. I am rather sceptical and mean so rather than pay �10 i was wondering if anyone had any ideas what this is. I am guessing it has something to do with advertising, but i'm stumped on the "no initial outlay" bit. Anyway it's advertised as a local thing so lots of people can do it.
sounds like prostitution lol

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what job is this????

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