Sony Xperia L....somehow I Put All My Photos Onto The Sim In My Phone..

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lilacben | 16:58 Fri 11th Sep 2015 | Jobs & Education
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have now managed to take the photos off and put them on my computor BUT now I have put the card back into my phone I still cannot take any photos...if I try and take one it says could not save? What have I done wrong or how do I take photos again.?


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Have you deleted the photos from your sim card?
Question Author
Hi Hc. yes the card has been reformatted as well...?
I take it you mean memory card and not sim card??
There might be an issue with the memory card.
To test this, try setting your default storage to internal storage instead of your memory card.
Switch your camera on and go to settings and then "data storage" and set your "data storage" to "internal storage", instead of "SD card".
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Tried that Gizmo........tried that no luck Im afraid.
If it is an SD Card, like this one

Where the arrow is pointing that is a lock. It should be in that position to allow transfer to or from the card. If it's further down from that then slide it back up to where the arrow is pointing.
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Ok sorry should have said a Micro SD card.
If all else fails - try a factory reset :)
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Sony Xperia L....somehow I Put All My Photos Onto The Sim In My Phone..

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