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Marks & Spencer Role Play Assessment

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minniemoo | 20:31 Sun 14th Sep 2014 | Jobs & Education
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Hi everyone, has anyone done a role play assessment for a job with Marks and Spencer? I have an interview soon which includes this. What does it entail and what questions should I ask following the assessment when I have a one to one with a member of the team. Thanks all.


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M&S ought to send you all the details with your interview paperwork - I'd be very surprised if they threw it at you blind. It might be something like dealing with a difficult customer demanding a refund, to see how you'd cope with it. Your 1:1 afterwards will presumably be the formal interview - so you'd ask the normal questions you need to ask, about stuff which isn't clear from either the job description or the person specification.

It's not that much different from my last job interview, where I had to prepare and deliver a 20-minute presentation to the panel - on a topic which they set beforehand - before my interview took place.
By the way, if you google "m&s role play interview 2014", several sites come up about helping with these M&S interviews. They look useful - worth you looking at them!
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Thanks boxtops I will have a look at that site.
Good luck with it - it doesn't look too horrendous, according to those examples.
Hi Minnimoo. I've previously worked for Marks. I'm guessing you've had your interview, but from what I remember the questions asked are scenario based and you have nothing to worry about. I recall being asked to assist a 'customer' with the purchase of a sofa, having to explain the features of the product, emphasising cost, colour ranges and delivery etc.

There was also a question about serving a customer alcohol - just make sure you ask for ID. If you are told that they do not have ID and but try to ensure you that they are of a legal age, tell them that you are not allowed to serve them and that they should come back with ID, and even suggest that you would call our supervisor or other senior team member for assistance with this (difficult) customer.

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Marks & Spencer Role Play Assessment

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