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Do You Think Call Center Staff Tag Our Numbers?

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Henrietta | 19:26 Thu 11th Sep 2014 | Jobs & Education
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Do these call centers tag phone numbers do you think to warn or give a heads up to the next member of staff?

Something like

1-Easy pickings
2-A bit cautious but can be worked on
3-Never answers so a potential sale when we can get hold of them
5-Picks up phone and then walks off
6-Knows our game, don't bother

What do you think?


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I don't think they're intuitive enough to make a list like that.
Having worked as a supervisor in a call centre I can categorically say no, they haven't got time to go to the toilet, let alone tip each other off. Anyway, most of these cold calls are computer generated.
No! I actually wish they would. I always make it clear I am not interested in buying anything, doing their surveys ect and to not call me again.

Low and behold, they call again another 10 times before they give up.

Me, Hello
Caller, Hello I'm calling About .......................
Me, Then why are you showing up on my Computer Screen as a Telepest?
Caller, Hangs up!
They don't have time to waste on that. They record basic details so they have a record of what issues you've had in the past. But they are snowed under and need to get on to the next call, not tag nonsense.

From your list it looks more applicable to cold call sellers than it does to call centre staff. And to be honest I don't think they have the time to bother with it either. They have to make sales to make money not share numbers with others so they can make money. Heck if they did they'd have stopped calling me years ago.
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Do You Think Call Center Staff Tag Our Numbers?

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